How Web Design and SEO Companies Increase Your Website Traffic

Website traffic

Would you like to see your website traffic go up? You’ll be glad to know you can use the services of a web deign and seo company to accomplish this goal. After all, your website traffic doesn’t go up by staring at your website. Like any other goal in life, you need to put forth effort to see results happens. You can’t invoke the Secret to see your site traffic go up, but you can use seo services to get to the first page of Google within a reasonable time frame. Seo services are effective, but they take time. Think of it as a long term investment for the prosperity of your site.

Don’t Forget to Go Long With SEO

Part of increasing your website traffic with seo includes optimized content creation for your site. You can expect your seo company to create pages on your site for all of your services. Here’s the catch, they should be long. By that, we mean much longer than 200 words. If you want your website traffic to really boom, you should expect the pages and blog posts on your site to be around 1,000 words or more. This is the new standard and should be kept in mind at all times when new content goes up on your site. If this is going to delay the build out of your site, then negotiate that they be 500 words each and that they all need to be brought up to 1,000 words within 3 months.

Each Service Needs a Page for Proper SEO Implementation

If you want your website to have the most traffic possible, then you need to structure your site properly. Don’t take the easy way out when it comes to your service page. Don’t simply have your seo agency put up one page for all of your services. It won’t rank as well and your competition is going to be happy to see you do it that way. Each service or product you offer should have it’s own page. If you offer your services in more than one town, you should make a service page for each town you serve as well. For example, if you offer dog sitting in Atlanta, New Orleans, and Miami, then you need to make a dog sitting page for each of those cities. Don’t try to make a catch all page, because pages that are optimized for a single service and single area will rank a lot better. It takes more time, but it’s worth it.

More Photos for Your SEO Campaign

You absolutely need your seo manager to maximize the pages on your website. If your pages are currently 500 words each, then you can easily fit 3 medium size photos on each of them. This will allow you to expand the optimization for each page. This is because you’ll have more optimized alt tags and your pages will look better, which helps with your conversion.

All of these tactics take extra time, but they’ll pay off in the end with increased website traffic. Expect the most from your seo services and make sure your seo agency is using the ideas in this post for your advantage.

How to Find the Best Self Defense Pen

When someone thinks of self defense tools, a pen may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, tactical pens are designed to be used for far more than just writing. These are multifunctional tools, and they serve just as well as a self defense mechanism as they do a writing implement.

These tools have been used by military personnel and civilians for years to help them feel protected, even when they don’t have access to more conventional weapons. A normal pen can be a weapon in the right hands, and just about anyone can use a tactical pen as a self defense tool.

If someone is buying such a tool for the purpose of self defense, among other functions, then they want something that will be of decent quality. They want a pen they can depend on, not just for writing under any circumstances, but also as a defensive mechanism that they can pull out and put to good use when they are in a dangerous situation. This is why it is important to have the best self defense pen, and the way to find which one is the best is to use review sites and informational guides that help consumers separate the pens that are good investments and useful tools from the less useful ones.

Guides like those posted on best self defense pen can go along way toward helping people find the right pen for them. Not everyone wants all the same functionality or has the same amount of money to spend, so they may be picky and choosy about what pens they purchase. They may not agree with most reviewers on what is the best pen, because of their budgetary limitations or because they have a specific purpose in mind for the pen.

That’s why they should be looking at more than just the site we already listed. They should use multiple reviews to form a valid opinion on which pen will be right for them. The more reviews they use, the more they will be able to tell what the overall consensus is on the pens they are considering. Consumers should be taking efforts to ensure that they make the wisest investment, especially when it comes to their own protection, and researching the best self defense pen is an excellent way to do that.