How to Use a Car Battery Charger

During the cold of winter, one of the most common problems a car owner will encounter is a dead battery. car detailers While this is a common occurrence, it is important to know how to handle is properly. It is important to have a car battery charger handy for times when the car just won’t start. These chargers will slowly recharge the cars battery and put the car back on the road.

Having a charger can be very handy, especially if a car owner is having problems with their battery. It is advisable to carry a car charger in the trunk for emergencies. Most people do not know that a battery can be dangerous, therefore goggles are advisable. Batteries can explode, while unlikely, the chance still exists. While no one wants to deal with a dead battery, here is a helpful guide should this happen to you:

The Battery Charger
To be safe you will need to purchase a battery charger. There are all different types of charges so it is advisable to look over the model you purchase and know exactly how to use it. Reading the instructions is helpful and it will allow you to understand exactly how this brand works and how the settings need to be adjusted.

Connect the Battery Charger
Once you have become familiar with the battery charger, you need to practice connecting it to the vehicle’s battery. Some prefer to charge the battery while it is inside the car and others prefer to remove it; either option if acceptable.

The red clamp is positive and the black is negative. Some people have little ways of remembering, but there is markings on the battery should you forget. Positive will have a symbol of “+” and the black will have a symbol of “-“. It is important to hook these clamps up correctly. Reversing the clamps can cause a battery to smoke and can potentially ruin car batteries.

Choosing Settings On The Battery Charger
Next, you want to adjust the volt and amps settings on your battery charger. Most chargers will allow you to do a quick charge or a slow trickle, the choice is yours. Using a slow charge is good only if time permits. Nevertheless, if you are rapidly trying to jump the car, you will need to use higher amperage.

The Charging Process
After the charger is hooked up properly, it is important to let it charge. Do not mess with the battery charger during this time. It is best to plug it up and let it do its thing. The charging time will depend on the settings. Some chargers allow you to program them to shut off automatically.

Disconnecting The Battery Charger
After the battery has fully charged, you will need to disconnect the cables. It is important that are always disconnected opposite of how they were connected. If the red was hooked up first, then the black will be unhooked first. It is advisable to select one of the great aluminum tool boxes on the market to carry with you in the car. They are great for screwdrivers, goggles and any other tools needed to hook up a battery charger.